The Rat Controls

Your Best Guide To Control Rats
Rat Traps

Trapping rats is the most effective method to get rid of them from your house. They are also the safest method in controlling rats and mice. The main two advantage of using rat traps over use of rodenticides or rat poisons include: Trappings give results from the very first night, whereas rat poisons and anticoagulants […] Read More

Rat Bait Station

Rodenticides or rat poisons are highly toxic and when left in open place as bait for rat and mice, poses danger to children and also other pets. Rat poisons are hence not recommended for rat controls inside home or building. But if you want to use rat poisons as they are very effective in controlling […] Read More

Ultrasonic Rat Repellents post image

Rat repellents are used since well over a century to drive out the rodents from the houses and farms. Early civilizations like ancient Chinese used a number of mechanically operated sensory repellent devices to ward off rodent infestations in agricultural crops and in buildings. They use devices operated by wind and water power to generate […] Read More

Rats causes extensive damage if they make their permanent shelter in your home or in the surroundings. They damage properties by gnawing, destroy food grains with their eating and contaminating it with their feces and urine that makes food unhealthy to eat. Rats are also known to transmit a variety of diseases like plague and […] Read More

Rat Zapper Classic RZC001

Rat Zapper Classic is absolutely amazing product to control rats. The zapper is not only the most effective way to get rid of rats and mice, but its also humane way to kill them. If you have rodents in your house then this using this product is the best method of eliminating them. Rats can […] Read More

Rat Poisons – How Does It Works post image

Rodenticides or Rat poisons are chemicals that are designed to kill rats, mice and many other rodents. There are many types of rodenticides and comes in different concentrations. The most common rodenticides are anticoagulants, zinc phosphides and calciferols. These rat poisons are used as bait and are this designed to taste good and attractive to […] Read More

Not everyone wants to use rat poisons or traps which kills the rat or mouse as they find such methods cruel. For them rat repellent is the best choice to prevent rats. Rats and mice have aversion to certain types of tastes, odors and noises and they are known as rat repellent. Though repellents are […] Read More

Anticoagulants works by disrupting the ability of blot to clot. They can be classified into 1st generation rodenticide which includes warfarin, diphacinone and chlorophacinone. 2nd generation rodenticide includes brodifacoum, difethialone and bromadiolone. First generation rodenticide require rodents to feed multiple times to receive a lethal dose. Second generation can kill rodents in a single feeding […] Read More